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WAG - Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is for females of all ages, that have learnt the basics of gymnastics and are looking to develop their skills further in a more challenging and competitive environment.  Gymnasts are invited into this stream once the talent has been identified.  If a parent believes their child has the talent for this stream, an assessment can be organised with the Pathways and Development Manager.

WAG competitions range from local to national, right through to international levels. The Australian Levels Program starts with level 1 and continues to level 10. At NG&SC we currently offer WAG level 1 through to level 7 and have highly qualified coaches teaching this program.


The Four Competitive Apparatus in Women's Artistic Gymnastics

A 20m sprint to the vaulting table followed by springing onto and off the hands and landing perfectly on the other side. Extra rotations at any point increase the difficulty


20220611_Nunawading Gymnastics_optimised-1652.jpg

Requiring strength, precision, rhythm, concentration and courage; the gymnast moves from one bar to the other, alternating grip changes, regrasps, swings and changes of direction

Uneven Bars

20220611_Nunawading Gymnastics_optimised-193.jpg

Balance at its most extreme, adding an extra element to the acrobatic sequences, gymnastic jumps and turns. It is an exercise not only of flexibility, but also of balance, concentration, rhythm and expression



A creative combination of expressive dance, acrobatic skills and powerful gymnastics performed to music, where each gymnast communicates her own personality and style



WAG Level 1&2

This program forms the basis of the WAG Australian Levels Program. It is a skill-based program that includes the opportunity for every WAG gymnast to commence at the same starting point. The competitions held at these levels are skill-based with an emphasis being placed on participation. No scores will be shown at these competitions as the emphasis is on enjoyment and team participation.

At NG&SC our Levels 1 and 2 have one training session a week.

WAG Level 3-6

The focus of this program is on the gymnasts developing the correct skills and techniques for continuous improvement. As part of the compulsory format, each gymnast is required to complete the same skills and routines providing an even playing field for all gymnasts.
At NG&SC Level 3 and 4 has 2 training sessions a week; while Level
5 and 6 has 3 training sessions a week.


WAG Level 7-10

From Level 7 routines no longer have a compulsory format. Routines are optional with certain requirements a gymnast has to fulfil allowing the gymnast to express their personality and build routines focusing on their strengths.


At NG&SC Level 7 has 3 training sessions a week.

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