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2023 - Competition Results 

ACRO Level 6 Mixed Pair Brad and Wendy competed at ACR State Trial 2 over the weekend at the State Gymnastics Centre, Prahran.

Brad and Wendy did a great job – almost a mark better than their last competition and moving from second place to first place.


Balance 21.250 – 1st

Dynamic 22.150 – 1st

Overall 43.400 – 1st

This overall score is a provisional state team qualifying score!!

Huge thank you to everyone who came down to Prahran to support Brad and Wendy and our Club.

Next up for this pair - Victorian Championships!!

Congratulations to our Level 1-4 RG squads for their results at the Strathcona Cup competition!

Level 1

Sarah - 2nd in Freehand

Selena and Tahlia - 1st in Freehand

Level 2

Audrina - 2nd in Freehand and Ball

Cynthia - 1st in Freehand, 2nd in Ball

Level 3

Maris - 5th in Rope

Level 4

Jess - 5th in Freehand, 5th in Ball

Abigail - 3rd in Freehand

Anastasia - 1st in Freehand

An amazing effort gymnasts for your first competition of the year against a large group of competitors!! Well done!!

The WAG 5 girls had their first external comp on the weekend. All three girls did an amazing job and represented the club extremely well.


Chloe - 3rd AA, 3rd Beam, 4th Floor, 5th Bars and passed level 5

Audra - 8th on beam with a stuck routine and passed level 5

Josie - achieved pop on at bars and a PB on vault


Our Gymstar 9’s had their first competition of the season last weekend and did an amazing job!!!

Massive congratulations to Teagan who came 1st, Patrick who placed 2nd and Charlotte who came 3rd overall at the competition!!!

Our Level 9’s were split into two teams for this comp with the team of Charlotte, Rocio and Patrick coming 1st overall and the team of Inti, Teagan and Lola coming 2nd overall!!!

Some apparatus highlights from the day include:


1st place - Teagan

3rd place - Patrick


1st place – Teagan

3rd place – Lola


1st place – Lola

2nd place – Patrick

3rd place – Charlotte


3rd place – Patrick and Teagan


1st place – Patrick

2nd place – Teagan

3rd place – Lola

Well done Gymstar 9

Congratulations to 2 of our Rhythmic Gymnasts on their performances at the Prahran Invitational competition!

Level 5 Michelle - placed 4th in Freehand!

Level 6 Rebecca - an amazing achievement for Rebecca to compete 3 beautiful routines against Victorian and interstate competitors! Very proud of her courage and resilience!

Michelle also received the award "Most Expressive" across all of Level 5, receiving some wonderful prizes worth over $200!!

Well done girls at your first comp of the year! Another comp to come just around the corner to develop your skills!! 

Great Job Michelle and Rebecca

Our WAG Level 3’s, 4’s and 7’s had an amazing competition at Knox Gymnastics last weekend!

Massive congratulations to Annabelle from WAG Level 4 who came 2nd All Around and Gemma from WAG Level 7 who placed 3rd All Around!!!

Some other highlights from the comp include:

The WAG Level 3’s all successfully completed a stunning Vault and Bar routine.

The WAG Level 4 Team placed 3rd with them all sticking a beautiful Beam and Floor routine.

The two WAG Level 7 teams placed 3rd and 4th with beautifully stuck beam routines from both Hannah and Gemma. Strong powerful Vaults from Violet and Olivia. A gracefully connected Bars routine from Megan and an elegant yet powerful floor routine from Amalia.

Well Done to all gymnasts. We hope you had a great day.


A busy couple of weeks for our RG Squads! Well done to our Level 1-6 Rhythmic gymnasts on their recent competition results at the Infinity Cup and Aurora Cup Competitions at Glen Iris!

Level 1 and 2 - Sarah (L1), Audrina (L2), Petra (L1) and Selena (L1)

Ball - Selena 3rd, Petra 2nd, Sarah 1st, Audrina 1st

Freehand - Sarah 3rd, Selena 2nd, Petra 2nd, Audrina 2nd

Level 3 - Olivia, Maris and Dasha

Freehand - Maris 3rd

Overall - Dasha 6th, Olivia 8th

Level 4 - Alicia, Anastasia and Abigail

Freehand - Anastasia 3rd, Abigail 4th

Ribbon - Anastasia 4th, Abigail 5th

Overall - Anastasia 2nd, Abigail 5th

Level 5 and 6 - Rebecca (L6), Michelle (L5), Yoyo (L5) and Elizabeth (L6)

Freehand - Rebecca 3rd, Michelle 5th

A special mention to Rebecca for showing amazing improvement on her scores for all 3 apparatus!


Our Gymstar Level 3’s, 7’s and 9’s had an amazing competition at Aerodynamix. With this competition being some of the gymnasts first competition external from our club!!!

Massive congratulations to both our Level 7 gymnasts with Emma placing 2nd on Floor, 2nd on P-Bars, 3rd on Vault and 2nd All Around and Kate placing 3rd on Bars, 3rd on P-bars and 5th All Around!!!

Another huge congratulations to the Level 9 gymnasts who all came home with a placing on a number of apparatuses. Some highlights include Lola placing 5th on both Beam and Floor, Rio placing 5th on Rings, Teagan placing 2nd on floor and 6th All Around, and Finally Pat placing 1st on Vault, Floor and 1st All Around!!! The level 9 team Also placed 1st in the All-Around competition!!!

Also, a massive congratulations to all the Level 3’s on their All-Around medals along with the level 3 NGSC Yellow team who placed 2nd!!!

Finally, a special shout out to the Level 7’s assistant coach, Anya!!!


Our WAG 7 Squad attended their first AGC competition and had the best time!!!

The squad was able to compete some new skills on each apparatus and finished the competition with some placings as well as the WAG 7 team placing 2nd All Around.

Congrats on a great first AGC competition and hopefully there will be plenty more to come!!!


Congratulations to our Level 6 Mixed Pair - Brad and Wendy who participated in the National Club Championships held at the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre on Wednesday.

It was an early start for the pair who's warm up began at 7am.

From here the Level 6 Mixed Pair performs 2 routines;

Balance - 4th Place

Dynamic - 3rd Place

Wendy and Brad finished in 4th Place overall at the event and received a Level Pass.

A fantastic achievement for not only Brad and Wendy, but for also our ACRO Coaching Staff.

Thank-you to Bruce for heading up to QLD as the pair's Coach and Wendy who judged on behalf of our Club.

Bruce and Wendy's support and dedication to their gymnasts and the sport is phenomenal.

Well Done to all involved.


Congratulations to Yoyo, Michelle (Level 5 Senior) and Elizabeth (Level 6 Senior) on their first National Clubs Carnival Competition! Both divisions hosted tough competition of over 40 girls and saw our girls perform some wonderful routines that were complimented by judges for their expression and passion!

Some highlights from the girls -

-Yoyo catching her double chainé throw with hoop and nailing her split leaps

-Michelle receiving a perfect score in artistry for her Freehand routine and scoring her highest clubs routine score so far this year!

-Elizabeth catching ALL her apparatus throws and nailing her Ball combination, something she learnt only 3 weeks ago!

Special mentions to Michelle for placing 6th in Freehand, Yoyo for placing 9th in Freehand and Elizabeth for having the highest Victorian score for L6 Snr Ribbon!!

Thankyou for your hard work and dedication to prepare for this comp! 


The Senior ACRO squad competed at the MAGA Invitational on Sunday October 8th.

The Level 4 Women’s Pair of Claudia and Ava have only been working together for a few short weeks but performed two full routines with all skills. This was also Ava’s first ever ACRO competition and you would have never of guessed. They came 4th in Balance, 4th in Dynamic and 4th Overall.

The Level 5 Women’s Pair of Tatianna and Karina performed two almost flawless routines. This was also the first time Karina has competed in an ACRO competition. They came 1st in Balance, Dynamic and Overall.

The Level 5 trio of Ava, Heike and Rosie have done an amazing job this year as last year they were all competing as tops in Trios. Unfortunately, they did not quite have all skills ready for competition, but their artistry and skills performed were fantastic. A mammoth effort by the trio in the last few days ensured they had two more skills to compete in the routines – Balance 6th, Dynamic 7th, Overall 7th.

The squad now has two weeks to refine, polish skills and routines before the Junior Victorian Championships in Geelong on Sunday October 22nd.

Thanks to Wendy for Judging at the event!!

Congratulations and thanks to all the coaches involved in the Senior Squad.

Go Nunawading!!

Congratulations to both our Senior and Intermediate ACRO squads who participated at the Junior Victorian Championships in Geelong on the weekend.

We had fantastic results across both squads which is a reflection of all the hard work they have put into their training along with the coaching staff.

ACRO Senior Squad Results

L4 women’s pair – Ava and Claudia

Bal 22.50 – 6th

Dyn 22.85 – 4th

Overall 45.350 – 5th

Level 5 women’s pair - Karina and Tatianna

Bal 23.650 – 1st

Dyn 22.900 – 1st

Overall 46.550 – 1st

Level 5 women’s trio – Ava, Rosie, Heike

Bal – 24.600 – equal 3rd

Dyn – 24.000 – 5th

Overall 48.600 – 4th

ACRO Intermediate Squad Results

Level 2 Group – Nika, Sya, MacKenzie - Gold

Level 2 Pair - Lycia and Jiya - Gold

Level 2 Pair - Maddie and Selena - Gold

Level 2 Pair - Charlotte and Arnika - Gold


A big congratulations to our level 1-3 Rhythmic Gymnasts on their amazing results at the Junior Victorian Championships! Our 9 Level 1 and 2 gymnasts competed 3 routines for the first time this year, with some wonderful skills, dance steps and big bright smiles, and our Level 3 Team showed off their expressive and cute routines!

Level 1 and 2 - Selena, Tahlia, Petra, Annaliese, Felix, Sarah, Audrina, Cynthia and Thea

5x Bronze medals

13x Silver medals

9x Gold medals from Annaliese, Tahlia, Petra, Cynthia, Thea and Audrina!

Level 3 - Isabella, Maris, Olivia and Navkirat

Rope - Olivia 1st Place and Victorian Rope Champion, Isabella 2nd Place

Hoop - Olivia 4th Place

Freehand - Isabella 10th Place

Overall - Olivia 4th Place, Isabella 10th Place

And a big congratulations to our Level 3 Team for placing 3rd Overall!

A big thankyou to Judge Tahlia for all her help and feedback, and a special mention to Coach Rebecca on her amazing assistance in preparing and organising the gymnasts in multiple sessions of over 70 gymnasts!

Super proud of everyone and lots of fun and laughs had by all!


Well done to our Level 4-6 Rhythmic gymnasts for their results at the Junior and Intermediate Victorian Gymnastics Championships held in Geelong 2 weeks ago!

Level 4 - Jessica (not shown), Abigail, Anastasia and Alicia

Freehand - Jessica 1st Place and Victorian Freehand Champion, Abigail 9th, Anastasia 10th

Ribbon - Jessica - 5th, Abigail equal 7th, Anastasia equal 7th

Overall - Jessica 5th

Special congratulations to our Level 4 team for placing 3rd Overall in a highly competitive level!

Level 5 - Michelle and Yoyo

Freehand - Yoyo 8th

Hoop - Michelle 5th

Clubs - Yoyo 7th

Level 6 - Inara, Elizabeth and Rebecca

Amazing work from our Level 6 team for placing 3rd Overall!

So incredibly proud of the girls' efforts this year and some amazing team results all round! Bring on Multiples Vics in December!!


Congratulations to our Rhythmic Squad on their fantastic results at the Victorian Rhythmic Multiples Championships on the weekend!

Division 3 Pairs -

2ndplace Inara and Michelle

3rd place Yoyo and Elizabeth

Category 1 Hoop Trio -

3rd place Audrina, Thea and Sarah

Category 1 Freehand Group -

2nd place Isabella, Olivia, Maris, Dasha and Audrina

Category 2 Ball Trio -

2nd place Abigail, Alicia and Anastasia

Category 4 Freehand Group -

2nd place Gretchen, Rebecca, Inara, Yoyo, Michelle and Elizabeth

Our gymnasts had a quick turnover between Victorian Championships held in October and Multiples Championships, all learning new routines in just 7 weeks! Their hard work and efforts have certainly paid off! Well done on your last competition for the season!


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