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The Gymstar program follows the Gymnastics Victoria Gymstar framework, which is a structured semi-competitve program designed to encourage participation and inclusion. Gymstar allows gymnasts to develop their skills on a range of apparatus including Floor, Beam, Vault, Uneven Bars, Rings and Parallel Bars and provides the opportunity for gymnasts to participate in competitions that are structured to be enjoyable, positive and supportive.  Gymstar competitions will be held both at Nunawading, and also at other gym clubs close by. Participation in competitions is not compulsory but encouraged to support skill development and foster team spirit. Gymstar has 10 levels starting with the foundation levels 1 and 2. At NG&SC we currently offer Gymstar levels 1 to 10.


Our Gymstar levels 1-3 classes are limited to one session per week, levels 4-7 classes train two sessions per week and our level 8-10 class currently trains 1 session per week. 

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